Riding Above Treeline: Jones Pass to Herman Gulch

Getting There

  1. From Denver take exit 218 from I-70 W (about 1 hour from downtown Denver).Cross I-70 and park at the Herman Gulch Trailhead.
  2. Load up your bikes and gear and get back on I-70 E. Take the exit for US 40 E to Henderson Mine Rd (about 22.5 miles from Herman Gulch Trailhead).
  3. Follow Henderson Mine Rd up as high as you like. You can park at or near the Continental Divide. We parked off US 40 E and rode up because we are hard core like that.








Alpine Single Track





  • From the parking area at the top of the Continental Divide the hike a bike starts. There is also usually a large snowbank crossing and very loose rocks on your way to the summit.
  • You will encounter short flowing sections along the ridge and steep slow climbs as you cross the saddle to the summit.
  • From the summit enjoy the downhill to the valley where treeline starts. There are a few spurs once you hit this valley so check your map or MTB project.
  • There is a climb out of the valley and over the ridge to get to the Herman Gulch trail but it’s not bad compared to what you’ve already done.
  • Once in treeline the trail becomes much more populated, potentially muddy with slick roots.
  • The views are absolutely incredible and make every hiking section worth it.