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Cliff Out is a source for mountain biking, climbing, hiking, backpacking, canyoneering and traveling tips, trip reports, gear reviews and inspiration.

The term “Cliff Out” refers to route finding while on a mountain or in a canyon and coming to a ledge, and a perception, that there are no other options than to turn around. My dream is to adventure, take a few risk and experience life to the fullest.

Cliff Out is a living chronicle of my journey from safety to freedom.

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Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 6 Potrero

Honeymooning in Costa Rica - Day 6 Potrero Time to head to the west coast. We were going to try and SUP on lake Arenal through a rental company called Tico Wind. GPS took us down a muddy road that seemed less traveled the further down we got. By luck we passed two local that were taking a break from the heat and told us it was closed until November. So we continued to follow GPS to our next Airbnb with Adam and Harriet at the Yoga Sancuary in Potrero. Good ol GPS took us on what we would later find out is referred to as the "monkey road". Complete with ruts and river crossings. When we got to town we stopped at Carpe Diem coffee shop and Emma the owner told us about the newly paved road and was impressed that we took the monkey road. Emma is from [...]

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Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 5 Baldi Hotspring

Honeymooning in Costa Rica - Day 5 Baldi Hotspring At the base of Arenal volcano and a few kilometers from La Fortuna are at least a dozen hotspring resorts. Tabacon is well known as the first and is the most expensive. From what I can tell they are all in the same price range for a day pass and each has its own personality. Tabacon, Ectomales, The Springs, Baldi... Two years ago we went to Baldi and only wished we had more time there. This morning we got ice cream and coffee and asked the waiter his favorite spring and he said Baldi so that was all we needed to return. We made another traditional Costa Rican breakfast and arrived at Baldi early afternoon. It's $35 USD per person for a day pass and lunch/dinner is anywhere from $7 - $22 USD per person. We were told $17 over the [...]

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Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 4 El Salto

Honeymooning in Costa Rica - Day 4 El Salto Another easy going morning (2 in a row so far!) and another gourmet home cooked breakfast with delicious coffee. Chelsey is a natural cook and loves to add variety and detail to the dish. A bowl of fresh cut papaya and mango, eggs over easy, spicy chorizo, rice and refried black beans with avajada (a salty crumbly cheese) and her signature card, grilled corn tortillas. On a side note, Marisa, the daughter of our hostess, Marlene in Liberia, had recommended we pick up avajada for quesadillas. We found a cheese shop and ended up buying about a pound of it and a 30 stack of corn tortillas. We had a minor crisis when we realized we had used all of the hot sauce the night before but thankfully the grocery store is 2 minutes away and we bought the grande bottle [...]

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Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 3 La Fortuna Waterfalls

Honeymooning in Costa Rica - Day 3 La Fortuna Waterfalls This was our first day in weeks that we were both able to sleep in and have a slow morning together. We made rice, beans, eggs, chorizo and coffee that we bought at the market around the corner from our Airbnb. The patio is shaded and our yard, measuring about 12' x 8', is full of tropical flowers and plants.  By the time we finished breakfast, dishes and packing the afternoon rain came in, but we packed for rain and figured it may drive some of the tourist away. About 5 km from our apartment is the trailhead to La Fortuna Waterfalls. Entrance fee is $15 USD per person. The trails is about 500 steps down a steep gully. Below the metal and concrete steps you can see the previous trail that had mostly been washed away. It is now in [...]

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Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 2 La Fortuna

Honeymooning in Costa Rica - Day 2 La Fortuna After a fresh homemade breakfast of papaya, kiwi, banana, eggs, avocado, tomato and of course coffee, our hostess Marlene coordinated with the car rental company to have our vehicle delivered to her house. Her daughter Marisa was also visiting from Nicaragua and gave us a Chorreador (Costa Rican coffee "machine") that she made and painted as a wedding gift. These two are what you imagine when you hear of friendly locals. Marlene grew up in the house next door and her parents now rent it out to the kindergarten. They gave us hugs and blessings and then we said our goodbyes. We stopped at a supermarket in downtown Liberia to get coffee, a large container of bottled water, cooler and ice and a some snacks for the road. I've read about the soda stands and how fresh  and affordable they are. [...]

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Honeymooning in Costa Rica – Day 1 Liberia

Honeymooning in Costa Rica - Day 1 Liberia 24 hours ago I was sitting next to my bride in her wedding dress under the stars back home in Colorado. Now we are in a small room at Marlene's house in Liberia, Costa Rica, starting our new life and our honeymoon. Last time we came to Costa Rica was 2 years ago when we first started dating and we stayed at a resort in Puntarenas which was very nice with the limited amount of time we had. This time we are staying in airbnb's and touring the country. So far we are totally pleased with the experience. Marlene's taxi driver picked us up at the airport at 9pm and dropped us off at her house before 10pm. Marlene is working with the rental company to get the car dropped off to us tomorrow morning. She welcomed us at the door with [...]

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