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Cliff Out is a collection of experiences through bikes, mountains, canyons, travel and a little bit of tech. I chose to share these memories because they made me smile or learn something new. I hope there is something here that can help or inspire you!

The term “Cliff Out” refers to route finding while on a mountain or in a canyon and coming to a ledge, and a perception, that there are no other options than to turn around.

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What have we been up to?

Garmin Edge 520 is still the best cycling GSP/computer

I have been eyeing the Garmin Edge 520 on fellow racer’s bikes for years and wondered if I should hold out until the price dropped on the newer model, or an even newer one was released. With a list price of $280 it’s right at that point where I could take it or leave it, probably should leave it. I am addicted to checking my elevation and PRs and coming up with dumb names for my rides on Strava and it’s borderline devastating when I know that a ride I normally get 2,000 + feet of elevation gain is recorded with 100 feet. Or when I ride with friends and our time/elevation/mileage are way off from each other. I’m not the fastest but I like to see them gains! So I’ve compared Android and Apple, Galaxy and Note and I think it just comes down to the GPS hardware and […]

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Winter Adventure in Iceland

Winter Adventure in Iceland

Day 1 – The Golden Circle

We decided that once we landed (at 6am Icelandic Time) we would drive the Golden Circle and stay awake in order to get our bodies on the Icelandic time schedule.

  1. Visit to Geyser
  2. Visit Gullfoss, eat at the cafeteria, use free wifi
  3. Soak in Fontana Hot Springs, shower, eat some bread cooked using thermal energy
  4. Drive around Lake Thingvallavatn
  5. Head back to the Noodle Station

Visit Hallgrímskirkja (Lutheran Church of Iceland)

The church is beautiful regardless of your beliefs. When we were there two women were singing and playing the pipe organs. For 1000 Kr (~$8 USD) you can take a lift to the top to get a 360 view of the capitol. It is 73 meters tall and it is the largest church […]

Riding Above Treeline Jones Pass to Herman Gulch

Riding Above Treeline: Jones Pass to Herman Gulch

Getting There

  1. From Denver take exit 218 from I-70 W (about 1 hour from downtown Denver).Cross I-70 and park at the Herman Gulch Trailhead.
  2. Load up your bikes and gear and get back on I-70 E. Take the exit for US 40 E to Henderson Mine Rd (about 22.5 miles from Herman Gulch Trailhead).
  3. Follow Henderson Mine Rd up as high as you like. You can park at or near the Continental Divide. We parked off US 40 E and rode up because we are hard core like that.





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Getting Engaged in Kauai

Getting Engaged in Kauai

I’m currently transitioning from my job in Longmont, CO to a new job as an IT Specialist in Fort Collins, CO. I asked my future employer for additional time off between jobs which I was fortunate to get. My girlfriend and I have been wanting to go someplace warm and tropical, visit my family out east and I had my own surprise agenda.

Chelsey is an ICU nurse and was able to move her schedule around enough that we could spend 10 days traveling abroad and another 4 days visiting family! Since my passport was expiring within the 6 month window that most countries require, that eliminated most foreign travel (When you need more than an unexpired passport). So we took a look at the top tropical destinations to visit without a passport: US […]


MTB Project: White Ranch: Technical Decent Tour

Google Maps: White Ranch Lower Parking Lot

Miles: 11.2 – Ascent: 2,264′ – Low: 6,147′ – High: 7,885′ Parking at the lower lot of the White Ranch Open Space outside of Golden CO you will roll through the “ash tray”, a sandy rock garden. Gear up and try not to lose momentum or you’ll be walking. It’s just a short shit show though. Begin your accent up Belcher hill. There are several sets of stairs on this route and wooden planks that are very ride-able when dry. Immediately after the first stair/plank we saw this bobcat checking us out. This is only the second bobcat I’ve seen on Colorado trails in 15 years of riding. The climb is relentless and doesn’t give up but the terrain is fairly solid packed dirt with a few loose rocks. Continue following signs for Belcher, passing up […]

PUSH MTB Suspension Fork Tuning

I’ve had my Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 29 S-WORKS for 3 seasons and it’s time to get the suspension serviced. I’m fortunate enough to live close enough to PUSH Industries in Loveland, CO. If you need to service, rebuild, tune or upgrade your suspension there isn’t a better option (that I’m aware of) than getting it PUSHed. If you don’t live near the front range you can also ship to push for service. As you can see above I have some rubbing on my upper stanchions due to the bushings wearing down over a few seasons of heavy riding. I opted to go with the PUSH factory tune and replace the uppers. This is a costly rebuild/tune but it is cheaper and much more satisfying than a used fork! Check out their online suspension service order form to get started: http://www.pushindustries.com/pages/order-suspension-service You will need to remove your fork (unless you […]

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