Winter Adventure in Iceland

Winter Adventure in Iceland Day 1 - The Golden Circle We decided that once we landed (at 6am Icelandic Time) we would drive the Golden Circle and stay awake in order to get our bodies on the Icelandic time schedule. Visit to Geyser Visit Gullfoss, eat at the [...]

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Getting Engaged in Kauai

Getting Engaged in Kauai I'm currently transitioning from my job in Longmont, CO to a new job as an IT Specialist in Fort Collins, CO. I asked my future employer for additional time off between jobs which I was fortunate [...]

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Before You Travel, Do This to Your Phone

I recently had my phone stolen while traveling to Iceland, and fortunately, I was able to recover everything within a few days except a dozen pictures and a few application specific items like my list for my packing list app. Even if you haven't explicitly made an effort to backup your data you may [...]

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